Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Mechanically Inclined" CU Template Sets

Whether you know someone who makes their living as a mechanic or who just dabbles in auto repair or fixing their own vehicles, this set is the perfect addition to your stash. These adorable templates are perfect for a multitude of scrapbook projects as well as to make your own kits. These super cute templates are easy to customize with your own colors, textures and special touches. The possibilities are endless!

Set 1 includes a hard-working mechanic complete with grease stains, a container of motor oil, a battery, a tool chest / cart, a truck, a set of tires, a wrench and a funnel. Set 2 includes a grease-stained mechanic, a car, an automobile lift, an electric drill, a lug wrench, a tool box, a traffic cone and a container of gasoline.